What Dei Does Best

“FAITH comes by HEARING…., and SUCCESS is achieved by APPLYING what YOU have learnt” ~Dei-Rasi Freckleton

Motivation Speaking

Having been speaking for over 10 years, Mr. Motivator has had amazing reviews from event planners to audiences he has captivated with his unique style of speaking. He attributes his powerful ability to international greats such as Les Brown, David Goggins and John Maxwell.

Keynote Presentation

As a keynote speaker, Dei-Rasi Freckleton has been able to capture the essence of numerous meetings and has been able to highlight it to the intended audience. He is diligent enough to research the industry, issues and audiences, in order to present in a clear, fun and memorable way.

Leadership Training

Effective and Impactful leadership development is not considered mere magic or fortunate happenstance , by Dei-Rasi Freckleton. Rather, it is an act of will. There are some core principles Dei teaches, that if applied, can enable leaders to create &sustain personal change.

"Dei Is Such an Amazing Speaker"

Fantastic & Engaging

"Dei is absolutely fantastic and engaging. Through his story, he was able to connect with everyone both a personal & professional level". ~Jason James (St. Ann)

A Great Speaker

"Mr. Motivator generated the emotion and the imagine we were looking for to motivate our graduates. Ascot High School thanks you sir, you are a great speaker".

We All Loved It

"We had an AWESOME morning with Mr. Dei-Rasi Freckleton. He was absolutely FABULOUS and tailored his message on leadership & it was exactly what the staff and student leaders needed. We all loved it"!

Best Speaker We Ever Had

"Your incredible energy was infectious and really got us on the right track. I must say, you are the best speaker we have had". ~Timothy (Juici Patties Leadership Workshop)

Simply Amazing

"Your keynote address was extremely well received. Everyone was very moved by your story and that song at the end was simply amazing".

He Really Made A Difference

"He stayed back afterwards and met with every student who wanted to speak with him. He has really made a difference in their lives".

Let Dei Help You With...

Motivational Speaking 100%
Keynote Presentation 100%
Personal & Business Development 90%
Leadership & Team Building 96%