About Dei

A Man Like No Other

Dei-Rasi “Mr. Motivator”  Freckleton is from a very humble past. He spent the majority of his formative years in the harsh inner cities of May Pen, in Clarendon Jamaica. He however, believes in development through education, and he demonstrated by being the first person from his primary school (Treadlight Primary) to earn a spot at the Prestigious Glenmuir High School. When no one else from his primary school passed for another top secondary school in his first four (4) years at Glenmuir High, he returned to Treadlight Primary, volunteered his time teaching G-SAT lessons and had 2 other persons passing to Glenmuir in just his first year volunteering to teach lessons.  He is currently a Business owner; consultant and developer, where he has developed multi-level businesses both locally and internationally. A high school teacher (teaches 4th 5th and 6th forms in English A, Communication Studies, Caribbean History, CAPE Biology and H&S Biology), as well as he is a Mathematics coach. He is a youth counselor, mentor, a motivational speaker, musician and athlete.

He is the founder of Sponsor-A-Child Foundation and the founder of Free2Dream, both of which operates under the umbrella of Young People Advocating Change (YPAC) an organization he formed in 2013. 

He started his professional studies in Forensic Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in England (via B&B College in Jamaica), financial constraints made him put that side on hold, when he was unable to pay tuition.He now holds a M-MBA in Project Management, as well as a Diploma in Business Management and one in Project Management. He is now pursuing a Masters degree in Sustainable Energy Development in England, whilst doing theology studies as well. He is also an ambassador at University of the People.

He has been advocating on behalf of young people for over one and a half decade. He has organised peaceful demonstrations, written numerous letters to the editorials, has lobbied government administrations, and/or agencies, on behalf of youth rights, protection and inclusion. Much was his involvement that he was recognised and awarded as Clarendon’s Most Influential Youth Leader. Other awards he has received includes the Prime Minister’s Youth award for excellence in 2010, in the category of Youth in Service and leadership, as well as he is a Governor General’s I-Believe Ambassador. He served as the Global Youth Ambassador for GVN (Global Volunteer Network), He is the Global Ambassador to International Youth Society, as well as Country Director.  He is Jamaica’s Ambassador to OKYD (Opportunities Knock Your Door). He is former National President and Chairman of the Police Youth Club Movement of Jamaica, as well as past President of May Pen PYC which he led to become the largest single organized youth group in the island in 2011. He is the immediate past President, leader and House Speaker of Jamaica’s National Youth Parliament.

Mr. Freckleton also served on the Commonwealth Youth Council as Secretary to the Special Interest Group, as well as PR of the Caricom Youth Ambassadors’ Committee. He was recognzsed on National Heroes Day by receiving Heroes Day award in his parish of Clarendon (2017). He served as the first Chairman for the Clarendon Youth and Child Protection Committee, past council member of the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN), teaches FREE classes in his home town, has awarded scholarships to students (infant to tertiary). He was a facilitator of the GRAPE (Gang Reduction And Prevention Education) program.

He is a former radio talk show host on Talk Jamaica Radio, he’s a track and field commentator, a special assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister, a business owner and innovator and the current host of Corporate Business Mingle held at Kaluga Kafe every last Thursday of each month.  


Dei-Rasi is a dynamic motivational speaker with 10 years experience in the arena of speaking, training, and coaching. He takes great pride in cultivating leaders and champions. His sole desire is to unlock an atmosphere of greatness in the lives of the people he connects with on a daily basis.

Dei-Rasi has graced many stages and platforms. Teaching leadership and team building principles to great multitudes of entrepreneurs, Tertiary and Secondary students, top companies and organizations.

All successful organizations understand that effective leadership is at the heart of every business and Dei-Rasi Freckleton prides himself on Leadership Creation and Development. As a trainer, Dei-Rasi has constructed  several programs and workshops specifically for the purpose of taking Leaders to the “Next Level”, which he has maintained can be done if individuals Do Everything Intentionally.

When Dei-Rasi Freckleton teaches a topic or delivers a message, he makes sure that the room absolutely “gets it”. If you are an event planner looking for an engaging, entertaining speaker or presenter for your next conference or event….

Then Dei-Rasi “Mr. Motivator” Freckleton, is the perfect choice that will leave your group both positively Astounded and superbly Amazed!!!!!

Mr. Motivator addressing young leaders at the annual Juici Patties Youth Leadership Workshop in Clarendon.

Dei-Rasi Freckleton has several mentors who have helped to shape him to be the man that he is today.

Chief among them is his father Samuel Freckleton, Honorable Lester Mike Henry, Odale Mulgrave, Damion Young, Les Brown, Ty Crandell, John C Maxwell, Robert Fraser, Keith L. Jones and Frank Calabro Jr. among others.

His messages are quite simple, profound and clear, and, if his principles are followed as outlined, may result in an implosion that he believes will fuel the explosion. This explosion of new and great ideas Dei believes, can write a sustainable future where lasting legacies are readily available to herald the next generations in the wings.

Mr. Motivator is someone who truly believes in education and achieving educational success, as in any other area.

He currently holds a bachelors degree in Business Management and Forensic Psychology.

He also has an MMBA in Business Management in Business Management and another in Project Management.

He is also serving as an ambassador for University of the People.

Mr. Motivator, is here to serve.


Salamon Bailey

"Dei is one of the very best and finest minds alive today. He is a great motivator, a wonderful human being , and a supremely powerful speaker.”

Pastor Trevor Williams

"Really really really great young man. Always open and frank about his humble beginnings and actually using it to motivate himself and others. Dei is a star!”

Steve Anthony Rhoden Jr.

"I was stuck in one place. I tried many avenues to get out, but nothing resonated quite as powerful as when I reached out to Dei. I thank God every day, for inspiring me to get in touch with this great man."

Marsha Swadonke

"Easily among the best of this generation. I am most impressed how he has faced defeat again and again and did not allow it to consume him. He gave me a new reason to fight on.”