Motivational Speaker

Entertaining mentalist, Inspirational & Leadership Speaker

Why Dei?

If you are looking for a Dynamic Motivational Speaker that can shake up the room for your next event…

Look no further than Dei-Rasi “Mr Motivator” Freckleton.

Dei is a MASTER at delivering fun, interactive, engaging presentations that your audience won’t forget.

When your attendees show up, let Dei take the stage and get them involved.


Whether you are looking for:

A Keynote Presentation;

Motivational/ Inspirational Message;

Leadership/ Team Building workshop;

Dei-Rasi “Mr. Motivator” Freckleton is DEFINITELY the presenter for you.

Here are some Powerful Reviews to Dei's presentations

Young Freckleton is a really powerful young man who I always enjoy listening to. His anecdotal prowess is reshaping how a motivational speaker delivers.He is fun, engaging and inspirational.
Dei delivers! I was very skeptic at first because he seemed so young. However, when he opened his mouth, I was captivated thoroughly. I could not wait to look him up on social media.
Mr. Motivator will shake up any audience. He is a true speaking-artist. He takes a monumental task in his life & breaks it down to every-day terms. He is teaching ordinary folks to think & act extraordinary.

Give your audience an experience they will talk about ALL year long!

Let Dei take your event to world class levels!

Dei is simply an amazing person and a super-speaker. I have listened to great speakers like Les Brown and many more, yet, for an unknown guy when I just met him, he resonated so deeply that I put him over many of the brand name speakers. We cannot stop using Dei to transform our young people. Dei is effective.
Martin Miller
Writer/ Founder of The Empowerment Network